6th generation of Honda’s popular compact car. , , , , Honda Civic troubleshooting, repair, and service manuals. pdf manual download. Also for: civic, civic, civic, civic, civic. Automobile Honda Civic Owner’s Manual. Sedan ( pages). Honda Civic Owner’s Manual [American Honda Motor Co.] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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Honda Civic Service Manual pages.

Mqnual See for Civic Service manual – pages Owner’s manual – pages Navigation manual – pages. Remove the CKF sensor from the oI pump.

Subreddits you may also enjoy: Relieve fuel pressure see section l1. Engine RemovaUlnstallation Removal Remove the battery and battery base. Technical posts are welcome here however. In the final 1 1. Flat-bed Equipment – The operator loads the vehicle on the back of a truck. Please be respectful to others. Remove the special tools. Lift and Support Points Floor Jack Apply the parking brake and block the wheets that are not being lifted.

Make sure lhe valves move up and clown owjers r l.

Details can be found in the Warranty section. Valves lnstallation Reaming Coat valve stems with engine oil. Remove the ransmission ground cable and hose ct8mo. Submit a new text post. Check the cam lobe height wear.


Honda Civic Workshop & Owners Manual | Free Download

Reter to page when installing vivic cylin- NOTE: Please message the mods if your submission gets removed or marked as spam. Remove the spark plug caps and distributor from Removal Remove the throttle cable by loosening the locknut, Engine removal is not required for this procedure then slip the cable end out of the throttle linkage Make sure iacks and salety stands are!!!

Remove the rocker arms and rocker shafts. Valve Guides Replacement cont’d Working from the camshaft side, use the driver and Apply a thin coat of clean engine oil to the outside a n a civiv r h a m m e r t o d r i v e t h e g u i d e a b o u t 2 m m 0.

If your vehicle is equipped with a navigation system, a navigation manual with detailed instructions, settings, and other information is also available.

Rocker arms must be installed in the same position if reused. Zero the dial indicator against the end ofthe camshaft. Cylinder Head lllustrated Index cont’dl e. To purchase printed manuals, you can order online or contact:.

Remove the camshaft holders.

Honda Civic Owners Manuals

Valves should be adjusted only when the cylindsr until the feeler gauge slides back and forth with a head temperature is less than “F 38″C. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

Mark the direction of rotation on the belt before removino. Does anyone have the Civic Si Owners manual either for sell or that I could see? Ploase undorstand that these warnings cannot covsr all conceivable weys in which service. Remove the Ay’C compressor. The Si had a completely different engine. Loosen the locknut, and turn the adjustment screw. To avoid damage, wait until the engine coolant temperatule drops below “F head.


Refer to page when installing. Install the timing belt in the reverse order of removal; Only key points are described here.

Honda Civic Si Owners Manual? : Honda

The owner before me lost it and I am hoping to find it. Remove the upper radiator hose’ heater hose and the cylinder head. Valves should be adjusted only when the cylinder ExhaGt 0. Valve Guides Replacement ownerd. D16Y7 – vehicle U. Do not disconnect the Ay’C hoses. Using a non-Honda brake fluid can cause corrosion and dec. Lubricate all hinges, latches and locks once a year’ ln corrosive areas, more frequent lubrication is necessary’ We recommend Honda White Lithium Grease’