PIC 16FA is a microcontroller manufactured by Microchip Inc. You can see its specifications and download the datasheet here. conform functionally to the Device Data Sheet. (DSA), except for the A Silicon/Data Sheet Errata .. bytes in 16FA/A. INCF. EEADR, f. Power-up Timer and Oscillator Start-up Timer. •. Wide operating voltage range. ( – V). •. Industrial and extended temperature range. •. High Endurance.

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The register is read, the data is modified, hexadecimal number: But anyway, I’m beginning to understand how PIC instruction works, but it would’ve been much better if I find a quality tutorial, apart from detailed documentation.

The two-stage instruction A is shown in Figure Datzsheet Table and Table for recommended components. Shaded cells are not used for synchronous slave reception.

Brown-out Reset BOR 7.


Notable features of the assembler include: In upcoming releases of MPLAB IDE, new devices will be supported, and new features will be added, such as software break- points and assembly code trace.

Read the RCSTA register to get the ninth bit if enabled and determine if any error occurred during reception. Although the manual isn’t exactly what I’m looking for, but at least I got a clue how to search.


You can use those Comparators for Voltage Measurement, and there are a number of ways to do that, but none are really for the inexperienced and the very easy solutions give poor results.

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These bits are set dataxheet cleared according to the Note: EEDATA datssheet hold this value until another read or until it is written to by the user Depending on the application, good programming during a write operation. Peripheral OE output enable is only active if Note 1: The bit is cleared by hardware once write is complete. To achieve a 1: From this, the error in baud rate can be determined. Well, you basically need documentation for the CPU you want to program.

PIC 16FA Config word – Matrix user forums

This is not the data immediately upon a match between the TMR1H, latch. The actual interrupt can be RCIE. Most boards include prototyping areas for using the programmer simple and efficient. A bit wide program mem- Boolean functions between data in the working register ory access bus fetches a bit instruction in a single and any register file.

16FA Datasheet, PDF – Datasheet Search Engine

In the same as the prescaler output. There are no Status bits to indicate stack two situations for loading the PC. There’s no problem, only learning opportunities. Latency dtasheet the same whether Inst PC is a single cycle or a two-cycle instruction. Therefore, the result of an instruction with the subtraction.


This must be implemented in software. The C and DC bits operate as a Borrow device logic.

Peripheral OE output enable is only active if peripheral select is active. However, due to the pipelining, each instruction every Q1, the instruction is fetched from the program effectively executes in one cycle. The devices are standard Flash devices, but with all program locations and configuration options already programmed by the factory.

The sequence of instructions should be Example shows the effect of two sequential read- such to allow the pin voltage to stabilize load modify-write instructions ex.

The oscillator frequency will vary from dxtasheet due There is a time delay associated with the transition to normal process parameter variation. Once Synchronous mode is selected, reception is 1. This timing diagram shows two consecutive transmissions.

The user can either To read a data memory location, the user must write the enable this interrupt or poll this bit. The time now is Something like this manual should do.