Library: Historical Documents: Kersey Graves: The World’s Sixteen Crucified Saviors The World’s Sixteen Crucified Saviors Or Christianity Before Christ Sixth . Rival Claims of The Saviors. It is claimed by the disciples of Jesus Christ that he was of supernatural and divine origin; that, although he was woman conceived. The World’s Sixteen Crucified Saviors has ratings and 17 reviews. Toni said: I knew of other religions claiming the same miracles but I had no idea t.

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Bryant bmised the head of the serpent crkcified it had bitten his heel. And the earthly or adopted father of the Grecian Savior, and God, Alcides, had to flee with him and his mother to Galem for protection from threatening danger.

The World’s Sixteen Crucified Saviors: Christianity Before Christ

Would the sexton show him to a seat? And all this appears to be cruccified result of an attempt to elevate the man Christ Jesus to a level with the demigods of antiquity, nearly all of whom claimed to be of royal or princely descent.

Some have criticized Graves for excessive typos as if this was an intellectual failing on his partand there are certainly a few in this book. The Apocryphal book of Seth relates that a star descended from heaven and lighted on a mountain, in the midst of which a divine child was seen bearing a cross.

Confirmatory of this statement is the declaration of Mamoides, in his “Guide to the Erring,” that “the ctucified Sabeans conceived the principal God, on account of his great distance, to be inaccessible; and hence, in imitation of the people in their conduct toward their king, who had to address him through a person appointed for the purpose, they imaginarily employed a middle divinity, who was called a Mediator, to present their claims to the Supreme God.

Fohi and Tien of China. The scholarship of Kersey Crucufied has been questioned by numerous theists and nontheists alike; the inclusion of his The World’s Sixteen Crucified Saviors in the Secular Web’s Historical Library does not constitute endorsement by Internet Infidels, Inc.

The World’s Sixteen Crucified Saviors

Carrier argues there is a better case for the resurrection of Thracian god Zalmoxis also called Salmoxis or Gebele’izis and the crucifixion and resurrection of Sumerian goddess Inanna also known as Ishtarneither of whom are mentioned by Graves.


Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Hence, as we tread back the meandering pathway of human history, every step in the receding process brings us to a lower plane of 116 and a state of mind more thoroughly encrusted with ignorance and superstition. We have no means of learning how many of the Saviors were of royal blood, as the genealogy of crcified of them is not given. Lardner, it was impossible, under such circumstances, for them to separate if they had desired to the real facts and events crucifjed his life from the innumerable fictions and fables then afloat everywhere relative to the heathen Gods who had pre-enacted a similar history.

These events signalized the twenty-fifth of December, and made it a period of sufficient importance to lead the early Christians to suppose it must crufified been the birthday of their Messiah. We say grandfather, because, if God as the Christian bible itself crucidied asserts, both directly and by implication is father of the whole human family, then he was father to the maternal parent; so that her son, though deriving existence from him, would be his grandson as well as his son.

Quite suggestive of the star “apprising the wise men” of Christ’s descent from above. There was an angel warning in each case relative to the impending danger.

But the same text declares further, “It shall destroy the children of Seth,” a prediction which no rational interpretation can make apply to Jesus Christ. The Indian or Hindoo story is furiushed us by the Rev. Many of them, like him, were “crucified for the sins of the world.

However, I can state definitively after a modern spell-check of the text that they are not particularly excessive compared to any given book from this period.

Gonzales informs us he found on an ancient temple in India the Latin inscription ‘Partura, virginis,’ “the virgin about to bring forth. And shame and ignominy will be your portion.

They savioes a Messiah, but not the Messiah; these nations contend that the title is misplaced which makes “the man Christ Jesus” the Savior of the world. Baal and Taut, “the only Begotten of God,” of Phoenicia.

The World’s Sixteen Crucified Saviors: Christianity Before Christ by Kersey Graves

That the cardinal religious conceptions of all bibles are essentially the same – all running in parable grooves. And although embodying many important historical facts which crucifidd have commanded for it a word-wide circulation, but a few copies of this invaluable treasury of religious knowledge have ever found their way into this country. And here let it be noted, the best and most orthodox writers concede that while Christ is said to have born in a manger, that manger was in a cave.


Ditson, who visited India but a few years since, uses the emphatic declaration, “In fact, as soon as Chrishna was bom he was saluted by a choms of devatas, or angels. We will first notice the Persian tradition. We do not observe that this claim to the infinite deityship of Jesus Christ has been or is likely to be universally conceded.

But the argument proves too much for the case; as we find the proof in history that many other beings, whom Christians regard as men, were honored and addressed by the same titles, such as God, Lord, Asviors, Redeemer, Mediator, Messiah, etc. Feb 11, Book rated it it was amazing.

Let us suppose that, at some future time, he makes his second advent to the earth, as some Christians anticipate he will do, and that he comes in the character of a sable Messiah, how would he be received by our negro-hating Christians, of sensitive olfactory nerves? In order to appreciate the comparison that follows, we offer some information about who Horus is and how he fits into Egyptian culture: We are told that Pythais, the mother of Pythagoras, five hundred and fifty years B.

The Roman Calcidius speaks of it a wonderful star, presaging the descent of a God amongst men. His parents were Quakers, and as a young man he followed them in their observance, and then later moved to the Hicksite wing of Quakerism.

Deva Tat, and Sammonocadam of Siam. And when we find cruciffied the ancient pagans were in the habit of celebrating this venerated twenty-fifth cruucified December as the birthday of their Gods in the same manner Christians now celebrate it as the birthday of Christ, we are driven to admit that something more than mere fortuitous accident must be adduced to account for the coincidence.

In this respect the Mohammed, the Hindu and the Christian all stand upon a level.